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Is Ductless Comfort Heating & Cooling insured?

Yes. Our company is fully insured.

Does your company offer financing program?

Yes, we do provide financing program.

What kind of certification do you have?

We are certified by TSSA for heating and cooling services.

How do I know the installation price is ok?

Cost of installation cooling or heating system depends on many factors like size of the building, contractor, subcontractor, equipment quality and brand, warranty, insurance.

The average cost of installation range from $2500 up to $15000. The best way is to ask 2 or 3 contractors for the offer and compare offered equipment, warranty, references of the contractors.

How will I know it’s time to replace my equipment?

When there is need for frequent cooling or heating system repairs, it’s one of the most obvious signs that it’s time for replacement. Especially when these repairs are more than expensive.

When the temperature is not consistent, it may be also sign for A/C replacement.

When your cooling system (or heating system) is old – don’t wait until it brakes down. It’s a good reason to install a new one.

How can I make my cooling costs lower?

“Setting your AC as high as is comfortably possible and using a programmable thermostat to increase temperature when you’re out, or asleep, could easily decrease your summer cooling bill by 10%,” says Christina Kielich, spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Install energy-efficiency system with a thermostat.

Keep the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor as low as possible.

Adjust the temperature when you’re out.

Maintain yearly your cooling or heating system.

What types of central heating systems are available?

There are 3 types of central heating systems:

  • Wet systems (where hot water circulates in pipes)
  • Warm air system
  • Storage system
When should I replace the air filter in my cooling system?

When you see that it’s dusty – it’s time for a new one. Manufacturer also gives you an estimate when the replacement should be done.

If you keep pets at home or you suffer of any allergies, we suggest you to check and replace your filter more often.

How can I reduce my heating costs?

You can successfully reduce your costs by turning down the thermostat.

If you have fans in your bathroom or kitchen, use it wisely. They expel warm air very quickly.

Keep heating vents clear of furniture or any other obstacle.

Maintain your furnace.

Prepare your windows for the winter. Make sure they’re tight.

What should I do if my heating system doesn’t work?

Double check the thermostat. Batteries could be low. Make sure it’s in heating mode. If there are other reasons, the best way is to call an expert to take a look at this.

How does a furnace work?

The heart of a gas furnace is the burner. Most gas furnaces have two or more burners controlled by a thermostat. When the temperature in the house falls below a certain level, gas begins to flow and an electronic ignition system ignites it. This hot, combusted gas rises past a heat exchanger and out through a vent that leads to the outside of the house. (Source: www.ehow.com)

How does a boiler differ from furnace?

Furnace is a warm air system. The air is warmed in a furnace and forced to go into ducts system by the blower. Boiler uses water to heat your home. It warms up the water which is moved to pipes system by the circulator.

I feel the smell of heating oil.

There are two places the oil smell can come from: oil burner/tank. You should always call for a technician to inspect.

What can I do to maintain my water heater?

Drain the tank and wash the sediment. Adjust the temperature. Insulate the pipes with self-sticking foam pipe insulation. Cover the heater with foil-covered bubble wrap.

How to prepare my HVAC system for the cooling season?

If the outdoor unit was during the winter covered with form-fitting cover, this is the first sign that our unit survived the winter painlessly. We should also do the external visual inspection to check the cables, wires and connections. The next thing you should check is the condition of air filters. They must be clean. This is of great importance to the quality of air, especially if any member of the household is allergic. Shelf life of the filters specified by the manufacturer, however, if you keep animals in the house, it is worth to replace filters more frequently. Some available on the market can be cleaned and used repeatedly. After reading the instructions, we can perform this step yourself. Another thing to check is the battery in the control unit, or the remote control to adjust the power of the air conditioner. Trivial thing, but often escapes us :). If you are sure that the batteries are new, and the temperature varies, it is best to contact a specialist to examine the cause of the fault. In the event that after checking these points, our system does not work properly (or at all), we should also use services of a professional.

How to choose the best HVAC equipment?

Everything depends on your needs – if you have a big home, or a small home, if you keep pets at home or if someone from your home-mates is allergic. Offer on the market is really big. We always advice to buy a brand make equipment with a good service, warranty and easy access to parts.

Pay attention to choose a good, experienced contractors and sub-contractors.

How often my air condition equipment should be maintained?

Before every cooling season. A least once a year.

How important air quality is?

Air quality is very important due to your health and comfort of living. There are factors like humidity, clarity or ventilation. Contact Ductless Comfort to discuss more details about this issue.

Where to find air filter in my HVAC system?

There can be more than one air filter in your HVAC system. Places to look for it are:

  • On horizontal HVAC units with the return duct attached to the side of the air handler, the filter often fits in a slot on the return air (intake) side of the unit.
  • On vertical air handlers with the return air duct entering on the top of the air handler, the filter often slides into a slot above the HVAC unit.
  • On vertical air handlers with the return air duct entering below the air handler, the filter often fits in a slot located below the HVAC unit.
  • On other HVAC systems, the air filter may be located behind the return air grill on a wall in your home.
  • On HVAC systems with a return in each room, there may be an air filter behind each of the return grills.

(Source: http://www.todayshomeowner.com/)

How important is to clean or replace air filter in my HVAC?

Inside air that is polluted with dust, plant spores or other pollution can be very often worse than the air outdoor. That is why it’s very important to clean or replace air filters when there is such need.

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